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Sharnbasveshwar Residential Public School, Gulbarga
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Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa                                            President
8th Mahadasoha Peethadhipati                                                                        Sharnbasveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha
Sharnbasveshwar Samsthan, Kalaburagi                                                           Kalaburagi

"Teaching and learning for the sake of livelihood is just an ordinary life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, but also for the welfare of others is a good cultured life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, serving humanity is serving God, is Kayaka Dasoha Philosophy of education of our institutions".

Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa, 8th Mahadasoha Peethadhipati has been emphasizing the need of providing benefits of modern high technology to the students in particular and people in general of this backward region of the state and ventured in introducing such courses of modern day requirements in the schools, colleges run by the Sangha under the benign blessings and guiding genius of Pooja Dr. Sharnabswappa Appa, the Sangha blossomed into a huge educational complex with fifteen colleges, three high schools, three primary schools and Sharanabasaveshwar Public School, and independent Printing Press, Doddappa Appa IAS Training Institute, Granthavishwa Vidyanilaya and Anubhava Mantappa which arranges series of lectures on art, literature and culture. Poojya Appaji is also the moving force behind the construction of library building a beautiful well equipped auditorium and the Public School is blend of ancient and modern art and architecture.

Further, the Post-Graduate course in drawing and painting, Post-Graduation Diploma in Business Management, C.A foundation course, Vocational Degree Courses (UGC Scheme) in the subjects like communicative English and Hindi, Advertising and sales promotion, instrumentation, Industrial Chemistry and Insurance, Diploma Course in clothing and embroidery, Computer Technique and Electric Motor wiring, Radio and TV servicing etc. are all the results of thevision and dynamism of Poojya Dr. Sharanabasavappa Appaji. From the year 2002-2003, Dr. Appaji started new degree engineering college in computer related subjects with the intention to provide complete computer environment. The library facilities in all of our institute are better than that of University in respect of collection of books, subscription to journals, easy access to the students and serene environment exist in the library.

Lord Sharnbasveshwar's successor Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa, the 8th Mahadasoha Peethadipati of Sharnbasveshwar Samsthan has tried to blend the ancient Indian Spiritualism with a dynamic pragmatism of the modern times and has grafted the western high-technology and modern ideas to the cultural heritage of India. He has always tried to explore new horizons of educational progress and diversification with his vision and dynamism. In thought, words and deeds he has tried to symbolize the spirit of Dasohabhava the supreme form of dedication and selfless service.